Meet the Digital Media Artists of Harmony High School

The Digital Media Artists of Harmony High School created the videos that will accompany FBSO's performance of Holst's The Planets. The video will be projected behind the orchestra during the concert. For more information and to buy tickets, please click the button below.

The Planets

Digital & Interactive Multimedia is an art-based class focusing around the application of multimedia elements and software to produce a wide range of unique animated productions. For this project, we’ve been tasked with providing media accompaniment for the Fort Bend Orchestra’s performance of The Planets by Gustav Holst. We were honored to receive this opportunity as it presented a once in a lifetime chance to gain professional experience in the field of multimedia. We utilized programs such as Adobe Flash, Adobe After Effects, and Windows Photos to develop our personal interpretations of the 8 planets of our Solar System.


Basma Abuzaid | 12th

Abdul Ahtesham | 12th

Andy Catic | 12th

Tu Le | 2nd

Jose Lopez | 12th

Faith Trejo | 12th

Jose Valesquez | 11th

Michelle Villatoro | 11th

Kelan Williams | 12th

The Planets

Mars (Faith & Andy)

Venus (Abdul & Basma)

Mercury (Kelan & Tu)

Jupiter (Jose V.)

Saturn (Jose V.)

Uranus (Jose L.)

Neptune (Michelle)