Artwork Raffle – Meet the Artist

FBSO is honored to feature a work by artist Ayad Fadel at Carmina Burana in May! The work will be raffled off to support FBSO’s continued mission to bring Culture to Your Doorstep. Meet the artist below, and don’t forget to grab you tickets to Carmina Burana.

Born in Baghdad, Iraq, Ayad Fadel demonstrated artistic strengths early in life, drawn to creating artistic expression in drawing and painting. Ayad Fadel pursued painting and drawing through which the small truths of life and the deeper aspects of the human experience could be expressed. His uncle is an artist of considerable renown; and with his encouragement, Ayad Fadel pursued his studies in the Academy of Fine Arts. Fadel was driven to make the artistic process a true engagement with others, and continuously sought out the public space to paint portraits and to document public life in his paintings. Recognizing the challenges faced by artists to make a living pursuing their true love, Fadel studied and completed his diploma of Science degree in Electrical Engineering.

Ayad Fadel left Iraq in 2004 to the United States. He has sought to further his
education – artistic and professional. He has continued his studies at the Glassell institute of Art in Houston, earning another degree in Painting. Ayad Fadel’s artwork has earned both international and national recognition through many galleries and exhibition spaces.Ayad Fadel’s artistic work, through the abstract and figurative depictions, exhibits the essence of the subject in his paintings. His expression, through both color and expressive activity, emotively depicts the pain and hopes of his native country. Incorporating culturally relevant design and symbols, as well as artistic aspirations of what the future may evidence, his work reveals the hopes and dreams.