Artwork Raffle – “America Maestra” by Ayad Fadel

FBSO is honored to feature a work by artist Ayad Fadel at CARMINA BURANA!  The work will be raffled off to support FBSO’s continued mission to bring Culture to Your Doorstep. Ayad shares his vision and creative process for his piece, “America Maestra”  below. Don’t forget to grab your tickets to CARMINA BURANA.  Sunday May 21, 2017 at 2pm, Stafford Centre.

Ayad Fadel, Artist

How many hours did it take to complete this work?
I work everyday but depends, for this one about 100+ hours.
What was your inspiration?
Everything in this world is inspiring, but woman are the biggest inspiration. A woman expresses many things; such as land, nature, beauty, peace, and power. Because of this, woman are a major figure that I put in my paintings. the figure of a woman creates a lot of space to express many things; mother, love, peace, strength
What music inspires you? 
 Music always tell stories and some forms of music are extremely inspirational due to the powerful words contained in the lyrics. Strong lycrics can create a story, which can inspire emotions within the listener. Whether it’s a song about love, loss, lust, or the hardships of life, there is always going to be one person who can connect with what the song is saying and consequently becomes inspired by it. I’m very sensitive as a person. I listen to soft piano music. It’s my favorite. I can create or imagine any story through that piece of music using my imagination. It’s more freedom to me than songs with words. I can control my imagination.
What story does “America Maestra” tell?
Actually this painting has so many expressions and is also a deeply important subject to me. I use different art materials to support my idea and technique for that piece of my artwork.  Usually other artists draw a regular symphony orchestra in different styles and techniques. But for me, this painting, its very different as a subject. Simply I express here America, the Maestra leader and the people who live on this land and the orchestra. As you know most people here come are different nationalities, originally from all over the world. I try to show the freedom and the sweet land of America as one home for all the people who come to liver here, one home country.