Our History

The Fort Bend Symphony Orchestra (FBSO), founded in 1992, enriches the lives of Fort Bend residents and surrounding areas with live symphonic music presented by its volunteer members, ranging in ages from high school students to senior adults. For over 25 years, the orchestra has been striving to keep this goal, bringing concerts to the Fort Bend Area. The symphony began when local musicians agreed that residents should have the opportunity to hear live symphonic music right here in Fort Bend County. Throughout the years, community support have been crucial to keeping FBSO alive and well, and have become part of our musical family. Our goal is to keep going for another 25 years, and keep music in the lives of children, and forever children as long as they continue loving music.
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Please consider supporting FBSO by becoming a part of our volunteer family, or by donating to our efforts to keep bringing great music to the community of Fort Bend.




 Rufus Chaney

A fifteen year veteran of the Fort Bend Symphony Orchestra, Rufus Chaney passed away July 8, 2015 shortly after being diagnosed with cancer. He was our fbso.org webmaster and principal french hornist for his entire time with the orchestra. “Rufus had a personality that lit up an entire room, a twinkle in his eye and a heart full of love. He will be missed by all who knew him.” (Quote from Amy Floyd Billasch).  The 2015-16 season is dedicated to him, his love of music, and his many years of service to the orchestra.

 Marielle Ogletree

Marielle Ogletree was one of our most dedicated volunteers who lost her battle with cancer in August 2013.  She helped at our concerts, especially enjoying being in the concession stand or at the Christmas boutique, where she could share her warm spirit with others.  Marielle and her husband, Jim, were the proud parents of Allie, a gifted bassoonist with FBSO.

Debbie Redmon

Almost a year after her initial diagnosis, Debbie lost her battle with cancer on October 26, 2005. She was a long-time member of the Orchestra, playing flute, piccolo, and serving on the Board of Directors in several capacities.  Debbie always managed to make a serious situation seem funny.




Over the years, FBSO has grown to bring new, musical talent, and wonderful members of our community. Look through how far we have come throughout the years.



1st Habitat for Humanity Concert

January 1, 1992

1st Musical Director Kai Choi

March 26, 1992

Kai Choi, our first musical director, led the first working committee meeting of the Sugar Land Community Orchestra

Renamed Fort Bend Symphony Orchestra

August 1, 1995

Changed name to Fort Bend Symphony Orchestra

1st Concert as Fort Bend Symphony Orchestra

November 11, 1995

First concert as The Fort Bend Symphony Orchestra

2nd Musical Director John Ricarte

January 1, 1997

Admission Tickets

January 1, 1997

Started charging admission to concerts

Received Non-Profit Status

January 1, 1998

Incorporated in the state of Texas as a non-profit organization

Musical Director Stipend

January 1, 2000

Musical director started receiving small stipend

1st Annual Young Artists Concerto Competition

February 12, 2000

First Annual Young Artists Concerto Competition

1st NEA Grant

January 1, 2004

First year to receive $10,000 NEA Grant

1st Stafford Centre Concert

January 1, 2006

3rd Musical Director Hector Aguero

January 1, 2007

4th Musical Director Dr. Dominique Royem

January 1, 2014

After serving as associate musical director, Dr. Dominique Royem became our fourth musical director